Harry Margulies has a particular gift for tackling difficult – often contentious – material and serving it up in the most accessible way for the general, curious reader.

He thinks in unconventional ways and outside the box, something that has been demonstrated time and again in his professional career.

Harry came to Sweden as a child with his parents, who were refugees in Austria after the second world war. They adapted well to their new circumstances and Harry benefited from a good education. At the University of Lund, he studied for a degree equivalent to an MBA,
and began but did not have the time to finish a law degree.

With his partner, Bo Håkansson, he started a tax consultancy. Harry’s ability to ask and answer complex questions comes from his many years successfully interpreting tax laws and tax treaties.

Harry has led an international life and at the age of 32 moved to Canada. He has now settled in London, England. Harry has co-authored a number of books in Swedish on matters relating to tax and the buying and selling of companies, has published numerous articles and has appeared on Swedish television many times.

Harry’s fascination for religion and religious matters goes back to his childhood and he has spent more than 20 years exploring and researching the questions dealt with in this book.